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A fulfilled/Restored Relationship is Achievable

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              I'm thrilled you are here! Get to know me

I'm Samantha E, an Educator, a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and  Relationship Expert.

The most important truth about me is that I love God deeply and believe all relationships begin with him as the creator of all. 

 A wife, and mom of 5 children born into a large family of ten siblings. As the last child to pastor parents that have been married for over 50 fulfilled years and being under their mentorship, I knew at a very  young age that my purpose is to help relationships thrive. 

I come with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help relationships succeed regardless of the foundation and present state. 

Having experienced tough seasons in my 16 years relationship, I'm an extreme believer that; having a fulfilled relationship with yourself, spouse or others is possible, every relationship can be restored and thrive with the right tools in hand and a person to guide, challenge and cheer. 

I understand that being vulnerable takes a lot of courage, hence, holding a safe, non judgmental space is very important in my work as I bring clarity and help you discover what the real issue is so that we can create your unique life long solution.

When I'm not coaching; I'm spending time with my heavenly father, making memories with my family, enjoying karaoke or writing a movie.

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