My work is very meaningful to me and my coaching expertise isn't for everyone. It is for people who value support and are ready to walk the talk.


I focus on four main relationships and would love to give you a brief summary of them and how I operate.  

Personal Relationship; This is the relationship you have with yourself and how it influences other aspects of your life. It is the most important relationship of all and it starts from your mindset.


I help you take charge of your limiting beliefs so that you can build and embrace your authentic self without the need for external validations.

Intimate Relationship;  Whether there is trouble in paradise, you are simply tired of a boring relationship or want to equip yourself before saying I do; I got you!

 I hold a non judgmental space for Couples to learn how to communicate in an effective and healthy manner whilst providing the tools to resolve conflict in a mutually respectful way.

I also help couples construct creative ways to spice up their relationship and to be intentional in making fun memories.


I provide tools for premarital couples to build a solid foundation, tackle issue early and learn how to fight fair so that they can transition into marriage smoothly. 

Blended families are welcome as well.

Spiritual Relationship; ''If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?'' Psalm 11:3. Your spiritual relationship is the foundation for all relationships and sometimes its tough to nurture this aspect of ones life and stay connected with Christ. Together; we would create effective and fun ways to stay steadfast in your spiritual affair.

Work Relationship; When you are feeling resentful, unmotivated or just merely showing up to your job or business, it is more likely that there is/are underlining issue(s) that you haven't dealt with. Having a great relationship with what you do and those you do it with is very crucial to your personal health and general wellbeing.


As your coach, I will guide you to clarity of what the underlining issue is, provide skills to communicate non combatively, level up your energy to become more enthusiastic and fulfilled in your work or what you decide to do.

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